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Monday, November 21, 2011

Students Registered for Placement (Batch 1)

Here is attached the list of students who have registered for placement assistance.

Please check and reconfirm whether your Names and Numbers are accurate.

You will need to meet the Director - Placements for further instructions. This must be done on or before 28-Nov-2011. Those of you from the Batch(2008-2012) who have already completed examinations are in an ideal situation to do this at the earliest.

We will be taking up training and other activities at the earliest. Please be in touch with us.

For those who have issues in filling up the form, please visit the Directorate of Placement for instructions on how to proceed next.

As previously informed the form will be officially closed for registrations at midnight today (or 00:01hrs on Tuesday.)

No Name D Number
No Name D Number
1 Ellena Sophie J D1013
46 Priyadarshini D D3036
2 Esther Mary J D1014
47 Priyadarshini M D3037
3 Gopinath P D1016
48 Priyadarshini R D3038
4 Jayanthi R D1020
49 Ragavi A D3039
5 Moideen M D1031
50 Rajaranan N D3040
6 Prabakaran R D1034
51 Rajesh P D3041
7 Vivekanandan N D1058
52 Sebastian Ashok P D3044
8 Gobu k D1063
53 Shankar B D3045
9 Matha Prakash R D1067
54 Shanmugavel G D3046
10 Abinaya K D2001
55 Shivaji Raja A D3047
11 Akila Priyadarshini D2004
56 Sivamurugan C D3048
12 Archana S P D2008
57 Sudhakaran M D3049
13 Arun Kumar Paul B D2009
58 Thenmozhi B D3051
14 Deepika P D2015
59 Theresa Janani G D3052
15 Elakkiya A D2019
60 Trinita E D3053
16 Ganga B D2020
61 Varalakshmi K D3054
17 Janakiraman K D2025
62 Vijay S D3058
18 Kalaiyarasi P D2028
63 Vinoth R D3059
19 Kanmani Priyadharsini K D2030
64 Divakar R D4006
20 Kelvin prakash S D2033
65 Elakkiya  K D4007
21 Kiruba Pon Selvan P D2035
66 Evangeline Nancy M D4009
22 Krishna Prasad N S D2036
67 Gowri  P D4013
23 Nancy V D2038
68 Indumathi S D4014
24 Nirmal Krishnan MS D2042
69 Jayapratha S D4016
25 Periyasamy R D2043
70 Krisantha A D4021
26 Praveena A D2044
71 Nilavazhaki T D4025
27 Ranjani M D2046
72 Priyanka A D4031
28 Robinson Chakravarthy G D2048
73 Ramya R D4033
29 Suchitra T D2053
74 Sivaranjani T D4047
30 Thirumalai K D2055
75 Suganya K D4049
31 Vinotha M D2059
76 Yagasri N D4060
32 Ananth T D3002
77 Suresh N D4068
33 Barathi Priya G D3006

34 SriHari Prasad B D3007

35 Benjamin P D3008

36 Dinesh Kumar P D3009

37 Jothi G D3014

38 Karthick P D3016

Registered for
39 Karthikayani U D3018

Placement 15-Dec-11
40 Kirupa M D3020

Round 1 11-Jan-12
41 Kowsalya M D3021

42 Manivannan P D3025

43 Nagaeswari S D3027

44 Nepoleon k D3028

45 Parthasarathy C D3029

The printed version of this list is on the main noticeboard. Please verify with either of the versions for any corrections.

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